1. THIS is what Jaejoong looks like when u see him with ur own eyes- he has WINGS and he is a FAIRY not human

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    I’m Cassiopeia. Strong, faithful and proud.

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    I am correcting myself….these past 48 hours have been amazing…not 24…

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  5. If anyone needs eng trans for #JYJ ‘s songs from #JustUs i am more than eager to help cuz the lyrics are sooooooooooo amazing and these must be shared

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  7. Hey! Don't Bring Me Down

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  8. dbsk + solo photoshoot

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  9. The title of TVXQ’s new song, ‘수리수리’, is  kinda like an idiom of magic spell in Korean… that is mostly used by children. I seriously can’t guess what’s coming up next kkkkk